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  Happy Birthday Charlie!
by Mireia | on Sep 20 2016 | Category: Web

Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy Birthday Charlie!


  [Photoshoots] Vulkan Magazine
by Mireia | on Aug 10 2016 | Category: Gallery,Photoshoots

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  [Poster & BTS EW] How To Get Away With Murder – S3
by Mireia | on Aug 10 2016 | Category: Gallery,HTGAWM

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  [HD Captures] How To Get Away With Murder 2×12 – 2×15
by Mireia | on Aug 10 2016 | Category: Gallery,HTGAWM

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  [Premiere Date] How to Get Away with Murder – Season 3
by Mireia | on Jun 28 2016 | Category: HTGAWM

8 pm Grey’s Anatomy (Season 13 premiere)
9 pm NOTORIOUS (Series premiere)
10 pm How to Get Away with Murder (Season 3 premiere)


  [Promo] How To Get Away With Murder 2×15 (Season Finale)
by Mireia | on Mar 16 2016 | Category: HTGAWM,Videos


  [Promo] How To Get Away With Murder 2×14
by Mireia | on Mar 10 2016 | Category: HTGAWM,Videos


  [Photos] Destination Fashion 2016
by Mireia | on Mar 08 2016 | Category: Events,Gallery

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  [Synopsis] How to Get Away With Murder 2×13, 2×14 & 2×15
by Mireia | on Mar 04 2016 | Category: HTGAWM

2×13 – Something Bad Happened

Annalise moves forward with a plan to protect the team from Philip but the risk involved may prove to be too dangerous. Meanwhile, Wes continues to search for new information regarding his mother’s death. In flashback, the Mahoney case takes a drastic turn for Annalise’s client.

//ES// Annalise se mueve hacia adelante con un plan para proteger al equipo frente a Philip, pero el riesgo que implica puede llegar a ser muy peligroso. Mientras tanto, Wes continúa la búsqueda de nueva información con respecto a la muerte de su madre. En flashback, el caso Mahoney da un giro inesperado para el cliente de Annalise.

2×14 – There’s My Baby

The Keating 5 are called into questioning by A.D.A Denver about the night Emily Sinclair was murdered. Meanwhile, Caleb goes missing as the manhunt for Philip intensifies. In flashback, Annalise’s tactics in the Mahoney case leads to a devastating result.

//ES// Los 5 de Keating se pone en cuestión por la A.D.A Denver sobre la noche en que Emily Sinclair fue asesinada. Mientras tanto, Caleb se pierde cuando la persecución de Philip se intensifica. En flashback, las tácticas de Annalise en el caso Mahoney conduce a un resultado devastador.

2×15 – Anna Mae (Season Finale)

With chaos surrounding Annalise, she just can’t stand the pressure anymore and needs to escape. Meanwhile, Frank must come to terms with the things he has done while Wes continues to get closer to finding out about his past.

//ES// Con el caos que rodea a Annalise, ella simplemente no puede soportar la presión más y tiene que escapar. Mientras tanto, Frank debe llegar a un acuerdo con las cosas que ha hecho, mientras que Wes continúa siendo cada vez más cerca de averiguar acerca de su pasado.


  ‘HTGAWM’ renewed for a 3rd Season!
by Mireia | on Mar 04 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Two weeks after being tapped as ABC entertainment president, Channing Dungey is doing something her predecessor, Paul Lee, never did: hand out early renewals. The former head of drama at ABC Studios on Thursday renewed several series — including multiple shows from outside studios.

Returning for additional seasons are America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Bachelor, Black-ish, Dancing With the Stars, Fresh Off the Boat, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Agents of SHIELD, The Middle, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Scandal, Shark Tank and Quantico.

How to Get Away With Murder

The Viola Davis starrer from showrunner Pete Nowalk and exec produced by Rhimes will return for a third season. Produced by ABC Studios, Murder has begun to show viewer fatigue this season as the series — which relies heavily on flashbacks, and flash-forwards — has hit a string of series lows. The sophomore slump comes as little surprise after Murder ranked as one of the highest-rated freshman series last year. The series will likely feature another short-order of 15 episodes to accommodate both star Davis’ feature work as well as its roller-coaster plot. The drama, which is approaching its March 17 season two finale, will give way to Rhimes-produced midseason entry The Catch in its Thursday at 10 p.m. slot, keeping ABC’s TGIT block in tact.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


‘HTGAWM’  ha sido renovada por una 3ª Temporada por otros 15 capítulos.


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