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  [Interview] DaMan – Dec 2015 / Jan 2016
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American-born actor and former model Charlie Weber has quite a colorful career: He’s appeared in all three of the original “CSI” series, guest-starred in shows ranging from teen serial “Veronica Mars” to medical drama “House” and cultivated a following through his regular appearance in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Now add to that a string of movie roles and his current home in hit legal thriller “How to Get Away with Murder.”

“All the shows I’ve done are special to me in their own way”  

Much like the highly-rated and award-winning show, Weber’s career appears to be approaching a turning point, one that will reveal its fair share of surprises in due time. For now, though, he appears to be the quintessential hard-working artist: Living the American dream while staying grounded and focused on delivering quality work.

DA MAN: Hi, Charlie. Great to have you with us. So, a lot of people are now getting to know you from your appearance in “How to Get Away with Murder.” How’s the show going at the moment?
Charlie Weber: Right now things are crazy. We’re about to start filming the mid-season finale and there’s a lot going on.

DA MAN: As the second season comes to a close, is there anything you can tell us about what to expect from the upcoming season finale?
Charlie Weber: It’s a really great episode. There are so many things happening on the show, and I think they did a great job bringing it all together. You’re going to get a lot of answers you’ve been wondering about.

DA MAN: Have you heard of any plans for a third season of “How to Get Away with Murder” once this season wraps up?
Charlie Weber: I’m not sure how all of that works. I think they like to wait in announcements like that until after we finish the season at hand.

DA MAN: Now, looking back to the start a bit, what was the first thing that came to mind when you heard the show’s title for the very first time?
Charlie Weber: I thought it was a very provocative title, one that really grabbed my attention. I actually didn’t know I was the murderer until we were about to shoot the season one finale.

DA MAN: There are currently a lot of other successful legal dramas with well-established fan-bases; yet “How to Get Away with Murder” still manages to really stand out. What would you say is the secret behind the show’s success?
Charlie Weber: Our show clearly has a lot of other components. I feel like it’s a thriller at its core, and the law is our backdrop.

DA MAN: What’s the story behind you joining the cast of this show, by the way?
Charlie Weber:: I became a cast member of the show the same way it usually happens. I loved the script and couldn’t wait to audition. Everything moved pretty quickly after that.

DA MAN: Are there any fun, touching or otherwise remarkable behind-the-scene moments from the show that you can share with us?
Charlie Weber: I think it’s overall touching that we all care about each other so much. It’s a lot of shows to shoot, and if we all didn’t get along the way we do, it would be impossible.

DA MAN: All in all, what has been the best part of being on “How to Get Away with Murder” for you?
Charlie Weber: The best part for me is to be working with such talented and creative people that I love. We really have something special.

DA MAN: You’ve appeared in quite a few TV series before in “How to Get Away with Murder,” such as, say, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and 2013’s “90210.” Which ones would you say have been the highlights of your career?
Charlie Weber: All the shows I’ve done are special to me in their own way. “Buffy” will always be dear to me because that was my start. However, “How To Get Away With Murder” means so very much to me and is right at the top of the list.

“It’s important for me to live an open life and let things affect me in an honest way”    

DA MAN: When you first started acting, how did you imagine your career would develop?
Charlie Weber: It would be impossible to map out a career from the beginning with all the ups and downs that go with it. I can say with certainty that I love where it is now.

DA MAN: By the way, what was it that first drew you to acting? Was it something that you’d always looked into, or was it more of a timely twist of fate that brought you into showbiz?
Charlie Weber: I always loved to perform in one way or another. When I was 19, I just felt life calling me so I moved to New York and started studying at Stella Adler [Studio of Acting] and fell in love with acting very quickly.

DA MAN: After your acting debut (in “The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy” if we’re not mistaken) did you immediately feel that this was your calling or did it take a while for you to get used to the idea?
Charlie Weber: You are correct, that was my first paying job as an actor and I absolutely loved it. I never looked back from there.

DA MAN: As your acting career started in earnest, were there any other actors you looked up to?
Charlie Weber: That’s an endless list but in the beginning I loved watching actors like River Phoenix, Jonny Depp, and Brad Pitt. They were young guys doing really honest work, and I totally respected that.

DA MAN: If a young actor today walks up to you and tells you that you are somebody he or she looks up to, what will your reaction be?
Charlie Weber: I am always completely flattered when someone tells me that they appreciate my work. I just say “thank you,” because I never really know what else to say.

DA MAN: With more than a decade of acting under your belt, how do you imagine your career will develop from now on?
Charlie Weber: All I want for my career is to keep evolving as an actor and to always keep it about the work.

DA MAN: What would you say is the most important thing you’ve discovered about being an actor?
Charlie Weber: It’s important for me to live an open life and let things affect me in an honest way and then bring those lessons to my work. That’s big for me.

DA MAN: Do you have any big plans for the future? More movies instead of TV, perhaps? Or maybe expand into producing or directing?
Charlie Weber: I just want to keep doing good work whether it is TV or movies. I don’t know what the future holds, but today all I want to be is an actor.

DA MAN: In the meantime, are there any filming projects—besides “How to Get Away with Murder,” of course—that you’re working on or that you’re actively considering at the moment?
Charlie Weber: I’m only now starting to look at projects for my next hiatus. Earlier this year I filmed “Jarhead 3” for Universal Studios.

DA MAN: One last question: What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being an actor like yourself?
Charlie Weber: The best thing about being an actor for me is just that. I love what I do very much, and to be able to do what you love and make living out of it is a wonderful gift.

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